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Dear Mom & Dad,
This is something I want you to know as I am getting older.  I have asked Grandma to write
at different times and topics to help you understand what I cant tell you.  Please read this
often for my sake.
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OK,  This article is written for all my puppy buyers whose puppies are no longer puppies. Most
importantly Thank your dog everyday for being your best friend.  Tell them how much you love them.....   

Now lets talk about it.... As your Havanese ages, they slow down, just like us..  They sleep alot,  get
grumpier and even some moaning cause those joints hurt.  Just like us.  You will find many simalarities
in the aging process.   

By the way, after 8 your dog is a senior.... time for senior foods, much lower in salt....  And lets add in
some omega oils (pills or drops are fine)  Time for Co-Q10 as well. And your dog should have been on
Glucosamine and chondroitin treats from puppy hood.  DO NOT stop these under any circumstances.

However,  We are so lucky as Havanese owners, Havanese are not as prone to Cancer and Lymphomas
nearly as much as the bigger dog.   However there are certainly things I would say for you to expect as
your dog ages.  Heart Disease being #1.    

There are three scenarios here.... 1)  you take your dog to a routine heath visit and oops the vet says I
hear a murmur  2)  your dog starts coughing 3)  Your dog faints and scares you half to death.  Once you
know the murmur is there,   Please straight to the Cardiologist....   (there are some I like better than
others....again call me)......  This visit will be around $600.   

Now the drugs begin...  Initially your dog may just be put on a ACE inhibitor, like Benezepril or Enalypril.   
Perhaps Spironlactone will be given as it has been found to be a mild diuretic.   Add I hope they put the
dog on VETMEDIN (this seems to be a wonderdrug......it can double your dogs lifespan after diagnosis.
Plus your continue to give your Drops.   

So time goes on and your dog shows no signs or symptoms...  But truthfully things are going on inside
the body...  See our dogs have this amazing way of not showing signs or symptoms till things are very
progressed..  I spoke with my cardiologist about this...  good and bad...  without symptoms we don't
know things are escalating and we just continue on our course, when inside things are going downhill.  

Small things to watch for: Lets talk about the Resting Respiratory Rate...  Please remember most
importantly this is ONLY done with the dog in a deep deep sleep.  Otherwise you will scare yourself to
death.  This number should be less than 25.  diagnosed with a heart condition...  your cardiologist will
want to know when this number goes up.  

Also Appetite:  It can be very hard to get a dog to eat a low salt diet and therefore they don't want to eat.  
In canned food,  the Purina Proplan Salmon is an excellent choice for an additive. However mine wanted
nothing to do with it.  So I called every pet food company on the market and got the salt content and
bought every one and tried them all.   My only success was with Royal Canine Mature Plus canned
formula which I added to a Nutro Senior Formula for small breeds (the pellet is tiny and Grr only has
about 8 teeth)  Your dog MUST eat...   eventually your cardiologist will tell you what mine did.... Don't
worry about the food, just get them to eat....  Usually cesars works or even sometimes Cat food.... but
mine ate.  (Just a note Grr lost 3 lbs in the first year of diagnosis)

That awful cough...  I will try to catch a video of Tessa or Grr but you will know it....   at this point, it is time
for a recheck as new drugs will probably be added..   Definitely  for the Tramadol and Hydrocodone for
the cough and aches and pains... Give your dog its hydrocodone.... you wouldn't want to be coughing
constantly and it keeps the heart from working so hard.  

Next comes another wonder drug...  It has bought us another year of wonderful life...  Good Ole
Viagra....   Viagra (sildenfil) is an amazing blood pressure regulator and worth every penny...  Cheapest
place is with a sams PLUS membership, on the $10 list.  Otherwise a couple hundred a month.  

I am going to continue this later, with talking about exercise, temperature and etc.