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I dont get all worked up over food....  Find a good quality dry food with very
small pellets... I like Nutro Puppy Small Bite,  Hill's Puppy Small Breed,
Proplan Puppy Small Breed or even Costco's Kirkland Puppy (I change mine
often). You can mix your dry food with a little canned, such as Caesars
Puppy.  This is the key....  Ask me which canned they are eating right before
you take your puppy home...... Most of time I can get a litter to eat well
with casers....  but sometimes they are picky and I have to try many things to
teach them to eat. I probably keep 20 different types of canned food in my
house (but I also have an old dog that I struggle to get to eat) I also use
Natural Balance or Redbarn on the roll.  

Because it is essential that your puppy get plenty of nourishment, I recommend
you continue feeding whatever he or she will eat. You do need to feed at least
3 times a day though, prefer 4 times until he/she is 12 weeks old, then 3
times a day until about 6 months, then twice a day for the rest of their
lives.  Approx 1/2 - 1 cup a day, depending on weight of puppy.

My suggestion would be to try the crumbled Natural Balance for Breakfast and
Dinner and and the dry food with Canned as lunch and a light snack at

Water should be made available at all times except when crated for his naps.
Remember to provide plenty of bones, hooves, pig ears (NO RAWHIDE) and
toys to your puppy to chew on during puppy stage.

My preferences toward treats run along the line of fresh healthy foods...
such as a piece of Chicken Breast, piece of Ham,  piece of cheese,  a green
bean and perhaps a piece of the Natural Balance Rolled Food.  I do not like
all the processed treats on the market.  Your puppy will learn the quickest and
work the best for you when there is something he really wants in it for