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At the first sign of loose stools give yogurt! Make sure it contains live cultures.  You can also try canned pumpkin.  
If that doesn’t work,  you can try children’s Immodium AD.

Havanese are very susceptible to reaction to vaccines.  We do NOT give Lepto or Corona as many pups have reacted to it.  
Whether it is the Lepto vaccine or the medium it is in, I am not sure.  I do think all dogs should be given Distemper, Hepatitis,
Parvo, Parainfluenza, Bordatella and Rabies.  If it is necessary to give Lepto in your area – due to it being endemic in your area –
I recommend you pretreat with Benedryl.  
After giving any injections, the pup needs to be observed for several hours to make sure there is no reaction- after any vaccine
injections – remain at your vet’s for about ½ hour before leaving to go home.  At the first sign of any swelling or itching and
scratching, eyes, lips or genitalia, give ¼- ½ of Benedryl tablet. You should see marked improvement within a half an hour.  If you
are far away from a vet or emergency clinic – get in the car and head that direction – these reactions can be very serious and are
not to be taken lightly.

Benadryl – get dosage from your vet. In case you cant get a hold of him – I give a puppy ¼ of a caplet and and adult  ½ caplet.  
This should be given regardless of what the reaction is to.  I sometimes never know the cause, but Benadryl is my first line of

This is very important as it will set the way your pup travels for life.  Take this pup in the car all the time in the beginning – and
set some ground rules from the beginning.  They do not ride in your lap or in the front seat if you have airbags.  Make them stay
in the back – preferably in a hard crate – seat belted in.  Whatever you do-if you want a good traveler – take them everywhere
until they love the car more than life.  If they do get a bit carsick at first, try 1/8 - ¼ cap of Dramamine

This is the most important aspect of training your pup.  Take this pup with you often – to  the Post Office, Work, Shopping (lots of
stores allow them – ie home depot, lowes, bed bath and beyond, the mall). Mine like Sonic for icecream, Starbucks, outdoor cafes
and etc as well.  But do NOT leave your puppy in the car.  No matter what… if you would need to do this, leave your puppy home.  

GROOMING – Nails and Ears, Shampoo and Conditioner
They must have their nails trimmed. Period. You have to win this one.  Play with their feet often.  I have played with feet daily
since they were born. They have all had their nails trimmed at least a couple of times.  You must continue to do this.  I you don’t
know how to do nails – ask me or ask your vet – but Do it.
These guys have hair in their ears – it should be pulled out to keep the canal clean and prevent infection.  Get some ear powder.
Put a little in the ear canal and start around the edges pulling the excess hair.  I use fingers mostly – but you may want to use a
small pair of hemostats.  After cleaning use an ear, use an eye Dropper and put alcohol in the ear – do this frequently and after
every bath.  Alcohol will keep the ear canal dry and help prevent ear problems. Use it frequently.
It is fine to bath your dog a couple times a week, but do it at least every week to 10 days.  There are many great shampoos,
such as Pet Silk, Chris Christianson, BioGroom,  - even Pantene is good.  Be sure to condition your dog every time.
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