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Yuppy Puppy
Yuppy Puppy
Welcome to Yuppy Puppy
Havanese. We are very well
respected top Havanese
Breeders, located in Mid
South Florida area, just
north of  Palm Beach. in Fort
Pierce.   We believe
Quality Counts!  Our beliefs at Yup's Havanese
esimple.  We believe in breeding the highest
quality, healthiest, best tempermented
Havanese puppies possible so that the Havanese
puppy is everything it is meant to be.

Yup's Havanese  uses cutting edge technology
available at the University of Florida Vet School
and the experience of our general vet,  to  
produce sound and healthy Havanese Puppies. We
are able to test and eliminate potential risk
factors from our breeding program. This
technology and experience has helped us build an
exceptional breeding program, as well as
ensuring you will get a healthy Havanese. We
stand behind that promise.
Your Havanese will be your best friend and
faithful companion and very soon after your new
puppy arrives home,  you will wonder what you did
before your Havanese.  He/She will fill your life
with love, laughter and joy.  Life will just feel
more fulfilled and enriched because of your
It makes no difference rather you live in New
York, Washington, California, Canada, S. America,
Europe  or Florida - Yuppy Puppy will provide you
with an extraordinary Havanese puppy to fill your
lives  with love and I will personally hand deliver
a puppy to you if you so choose of course you can
come and pick him up too, as we would love to
have you visit with us.   
So rather you are looking for a Havanese /
Havana Silk Dog  puppy, adult, or AKC Champion
Stud Dog, no matter what color - red, chocolate,
sable, black and white or cream... Yuppy Puppy
Havanese can help. Please come on in and  meet
our family, our Havanese and all our Hav puppies.
Share with us the joys and tribulations of being  
parents to this delightful breed.
Happy * Healthy * Loving * Sweet * Cuddly
* Mischievous * Social
Another Amazing Havanese National
Not even sure where to begin...  It was a "wow" kind of year.  We started with the Regional
Speciality  with Kenny going Winners Dog and Best of Winners.  Romeo, Holly & Naughty
Won their classes too and Barbie went 2nd in hers. The second day began the National
speciality where unbelievably Romeo went turn....Now I wasnt holding on to much hope for
day 3, as historically if you win WD, you are kinda done (That was my 3rd time in a handful
of years doing so..)  So low and behold, June Penta surprises even me....  Naughty won her
class, Holly and Barbie went 2nd in theirs and Wishy pulled a 4th out of the huge puppy
class. As the day came to a close, June had just two more big wins for us... Best of Winners
and Best Puppy in Show.....  Every Dog we presented at the Nationals Received a
Placement.  A record for even me....  I cant be more proud of my babies,  my grandbabies
and all their wonderful owners.  I also cant thank my handler - David Stout and Jr. Assistant
Ashleigh Rutzel enough for presenting my dogs so well.  It is always always takes a village
to succeed in Dogs...  Thank you to all my friends for their love and support.  Look forward to
the many years to come.
More Great Speciality Pictures...
Home:  772-252-1022  or Cell:  941-468-7926