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Health Insurance
And they pay out at the percentage you choose of what YOU paid, not the average
of the York,  LA, West Palm, Naples and etc, where vet care is 3 times what I
pay here in Ocala.  
So lets say your new puppy, swallows an object...  and your vet bill comes to
$800.00.(this is pretty reasonable)....  based on the following you would recieve.

90%/$50 deductible   =  You get back    $670.00
90%/$100 deductible  =  You get back   $620.00
100%/$50 deductible  =  You get back    $750.00

The difference in premium per year, with my 15% discount is using New York(same
rate for Boca, Naples, LA and etc.) Less for Jax, Ocala, Tampa, and etc.
1.  90%/$50 deductible   =    $565 per year*
2.  90%/$100 deductible   =    $433 per year*
3.  100%/$100 deductible  =   $490 per year*
* Can be paid quarterly

CONGENITAL ISSUES no matter what age, this is very different than
most...They cover Diabetes, Chronic illnesses, cancers, cardiacs, dysplasias,
pancreatitis, liver shunt, luxating patellas, mvd and etc.  Great peace of mind.

Waiting period is
15 days.

The companies I feel you should look into are 1) Healthy Paws and 2) Trupanion.  
You can also look into PetPlan.  

Questions... Just Ask