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All About Grooming
Daily Grooming

Please brush your dog Daily.  When you have completed the brushing, run a
greyhound comb through the coat to make sure you have removed all, even the
tiny matts.

Also, if your dog/puppy is prone to tearstains... please moisten a cotton ball
with warm water and clean the affected area daily.  If this is not clearing it
up, then mix 50/50 warm H2O and Peroxide and wipe the affected area.  Be
careful not get in the eyes.

It will also be important to begin brushing your dogs teeth as soon as possible
on a daily basis.

Weekly Grooming of Your Havanese

My favorite shampoos are Eqyss, Biogroom, Pet Silk, and Day to Day.  Many of
these can be ordered at Amazon ! It is fine to bath your dog whenever needed
and at least 1x every week to 10 days. Remember Wash twice, then Condition.
Towel Dry your dog first, or allow to drip dry for a few minutes, then just
blow dry your dog out on cool setting... Do not use a hot dryer, this can
dehydrate your puppy.  

Dont forget to cut the nails every 10-14 days.  You will also need to use Ear
Cleaner (the kind that also dries out the ears)  - It is important to keep your
ears clean and clean them everytime you give a bath.
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