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Your Shopping List
Please Purchase ALL Items Prior to Pick UP
Below is your shopping list.   I have also put together a couple different Starter
s that you can purchase upon request to make this very very easy for you.
Otherwise, most things can be ordered on Amazon, just do in advance... If you dont
have a prime account, let me know and I can drop ship to you.

1. An Excercise Pen or Gates depending on Puppy Play area being used.   
2. Wire Crate approx 23X17 size or the next one down (22X14) Throw away divider.
3. 2 crate pads for your crate
4. Donut Bed
5. Wee Pads or Underpads
6. Toothbrush and paste
7. Ear Cleaner
8. Nail Clipper and Stypic Powder
9  Nutri-Cal or Nutri-Stat (important item)
10. Pedialyte Unflavored or a small bottle of Gatorade - Lemon Lime/Orange
11. Shampoo such as Espree, BioGroom or PetSilk or Isle of Dogs
12. Conditioner - same brands
Wire pin brush  
14. Greyhound style comb
15. Puppy Vitamin with Glucosamin and Chondroitan (Zukes Hip Action or Happy Hips)
16. Ceramic or Stainless Steel Food Bowl X 2
17. Puppies are eating Purina Proplan Focus Toy Breed Puppy and Diamond Puppy Small
breed as dry foods, however any Small Breed, Small Bite will do as long as it is a
high quality food.
Stella & Chewey  (I order thru Amazon or Cheweys)
19. Pigs Ears, Cow Hooves, Bully Sticks, filled natural bone - MADE IN USA
20 Small Squeaker Plush Toys
21. Harness (I only know one that will fit..  
Four Paws Comfort Control XSmall - I
get on Amazon) Please come with this one ONLY for pickup.  Order ahead of time
22. 4-6 ft. Leash(Absolutely NO FLEXLEADS)
23. Poochie Training Bells
24. 6 small can (packages) of Casers Puppy Wet food and 2 Hills Puppy Chicken and
25.  Tomlyn Relax & Calm Chewables (can be found on Amazon)
26.  ANY one of these..  Propectillin,  Forti Flora or Benebac  (they are all pro
27.  Pediatric Benedryl, Pediatric Immodium, Digital Thermometer, Can of Pumpkin
28. Saline Solution

That should about do it.... Have fun shopping and if you have trouble finding anything
just let me know.